7th Heaven last night at John Barleycorn…. by Gia Manzella Beasley (Posted on 2/16/13)


Just wanted to share the experience of one of our fans from Friday night’s show at John Barleycorn- thanks Gia!!

Last night was truly amazing! Starting with the phenomenal intro that carried the goose bumps through to the very end of the show!

The setting:  John Barleycorn, Schaumburg –  packed to the gills with the incredible 7th Heaven fans… from where I was…I’m assuming they filled the max capacity of 900 people allowed upstairs.

It was a normal DJ music playing as we are all waiting for the band to start…everyone talking at once until Nick walked out on stage, sat down on a stool and started to play.  All focus was on him as all of us fans adore Nick and were so happy to see him up there after a long awaited month and a half of jitters from not getting our fill of 7H…obviously the show is starting soon. As he started, you heard all the talking in the massive crowd come to a halt as we all were mesmerized by Nick playing on stage all by himself.  All of a sudden we heard an angelic voice coming out of nowhere (Open Arms by Journey)….and you see the crowd searching for Anthony to come out on stage…the curtain moved from the back stage area…but no Anthony.  Then there was a gasp from the crowd as a light shined up on the catwalk where he was singing.  He then made his way down to join Nick on stage with the fans singing along to the “feel good” song of a Journey classic.  When they finished, the 7H fans cheered louder than I’ve ever heard in all of the shows I’ve been to.

Without skipping a beat…we heard what we were all waiting for, the classic 7H intro music and the rest of the band quickly joined Nick and Anthony.  Richie, Mike and Mark were now there and ready to please their fans and the fans knew it! This crowd went wild!

The whole show was amazing!  I’m a huge fan of the 7th Heaven originals and let me tell you, Anthony did justice to all of them!  With Mike keeping the beat, the show was rockin’ the whole time!  Richie’s lead and solos, the never disappointing, beautiful voice of Nick Cox and of course his amazing talent on the guitar and Mark doing his thang on the bass, not to mention how we  love when Mark takes the mic and starts rockin’ out! The 30in30 is a 7H fan favorite and as always it was incredible!

Obviously people do not like change and there was so much chatter we all heard from the fans when a change of 7H was announced, but from the reactions and talk I heard last night coming from the fans…..if there was any doubt in any of their minds, I know there isn’t anymore!  The beloved 7H will always be a crowd pleaser and true to their fans and it’s obvious that’s something that will NEVER change!

Onto the crew…you all see the band itself performing their hearts out for us, but what you don’t see much of is the preparation that the hand-picked, extremely talented crew does.  From the guitar and drum techs, sound and lighting and merchandise crew, 7H isn’t complete without all of the dedication and hard work this crew devotes to giving the fans the very best experience they can.  They have perfected their rolls before, during and after the show so that we as fans have a truly amazing experience every time we go.  Between the talent of the band and the talent of their crew, it’s no wonder the 7H shows are as popular as they are!

A special note to Anthony….I just wanted to welcome you and your beautiful fiancé to Chicago and thank you for such a brilliant performance last night, I personally am very excited you’re here and know you’re going to love our “windy city”.  In time, you’ll see that 7th Heaven’s fans are probably the most amazing fans you’ll ever meet.  You had a glimpse of that last night, but be prepared to be even more impressed with how wonderful and dedicated they truly are.

To ALL of 7th Heaven (band and crew)!  Thank you for another amazing show last night!

7th heaven newsletter – February 2013

7th heaven newsletter – February 2013

7th heaven

7th heaven is back!!!!!
7th heaven is back in full swing and we have an amazing year ahead.
Our first show with Anthony is this Friday at John Barleycorn in Schaumburg.
We have been working with Anthony on getting up to par on our set and also we have been in the studio working on a new CD that we are on target for a May/June release.  The new stuff is coming along really well.  We haven’t decided when we’ll start playing our new originals live yet, but they will be soon…
Over the next few months, we will be adding TONS of new things to both our full-band set and unplugged set… yes.. our unplugged show is back.  So please be patient with our set over the next month, as we will be adding more and more new stuff, week by week, until summer.
If you have some suggestions, let us know.  We are open to all ideas you have.
2013, is going to be a big year for 7th heaven.. the amount of goals we have set for 2013 is the most we have ever had for one year.  Not only will we play more shows this year than ever before, but our reach will be farther as well.  We are looking forward to a fun year.
In case you missed it last month, here is the video we did to introduce Anthony here:


Anthony on FOX TV
Did you see Anthony on Fox Chicago last month talking with Bill Zwecker about American Idol and 7th heaven?  Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSUt9Co6G0M


GiGi’s Playhouse

Some might not know that the very first show 7th heaven ever played in public was at the Kirk Center School, which is a school for kids with special needs.
GiGi’s playhouse is a organization for kids with special needs and this show feels full-circle for our band and completely makes sense for 7th heaven to be involved with.  You can get tickets to this event here: http://gigisplayhouse.org/gala

Relay for Life

Relay For Life

We will be doing a show for Relay For Life on March 2 in Bolingbrook.  This is a great event and this organization helps raise money to fight cancer.  You can get tickets here:  http://relay.acsevents.org/site/TR?fr_id=50888&pg=entry

St. Patricks Day

St. Patricks Weekend

We have TWO tent festivals over the St. Patricks Day weekend.  Friday March 15, we are at Tilted Kilt in Vernon Hills and Saturday March 16, we are at Finn McCool’s in Schaumburg.


7th heaven Unplugged is back!
We are bringing our unplugged show back!  Our first show is Thursday Feb 28 at King’s in Rosemont.  We also will be at America’s Bar March 3.  March 14 at Bannerman’s.  Look for more unplugged dates coming soon.

live 44


Our website is currently being worked on.  We have been making some changes on our website and we are trying some new technologies out and see if we can implement them into our site.  If you have idea’s of things you would like to see, let us know.  Every week more and more will be added back to our website.  Our new “Tour” page has a new google calendar added and if you have a iPhone, or any Apple products, you can add our calendar to your stream.

February 15 – John Barleycorn Schaumburg
February 21 – Rivers Casino
February 22 – Hollywood Casino Joliet
February 23 – GiGi’s Playhouse Benefit
February 28 – King’s in Rosemont Unplugged
March 1 – Viper Alley
March 2 – Relay For Life Benefit
March 3 – America’s Bar – Cancer Benefit Unplugged
March 8 – PV, Mexico
March 9 – Private
March 14 – Bannerman’s Unplugged
March 15 – Tilted Kilt Vernon Hills Tent Fest
March 16 – Finn McCool’s Schaumburg Tent Fest
March 21 – Rivers Casino
March 22 – River Rockhouse with Aaron Carter
March 23 – Durty Nellies
March 28 – Bourbon Street
March 29 – Hollywood Casino Aurora
March 30 – Lodge
April 5 – Private
April 6 – Tilted Kilt Elgin
April 13 – H.O.M.E. Bar
April 18 – Rivers Casino
April 20 – Tailgaters
April 27 – Shark City
May 2 – River Rockhouse Autism Benefit Unplugged
May 3 – John Barleycorn
May 4 – TBA
May 5 – Chocolate Fest Unplugged
May 10 – Hollywood Casino Joliet
May 11 – America’s Bar – St. Baldrick’s Benefit Unplugged
May 11 – Durty Nellies
May 17 – Bourbon Street
May 18 – Taste of Glen Ellyn – All-Age Festival
May 23 – Rivers Casino
May 25 – Belmont Sheffield Fest
May 25 – Tilted Kilt
May 26 – TBA
Thanks for all your continued support.
We love playing and as long as you keep coming out to see us play, we’ll continue to be there.Richard Hofherr
7th heaven

What to do, what to do..

So, what is a crew to do during this transition from one singer to another? – A lot of RE’s.

Rewiring our racks/equipment, re-hanging gear, re-greasing wheels, re-marking our settings, All of this to create a rewarding performance that you expect from our team. See you all at Barleycorn in Schaumburg on February 15th!

Marc IMAG1843

Crewman “Marc Foss” was instrumental at creating straight yellow lines in the warehouse!

New WordPress newspage for 7th heaven

We are going to start a new WordPress page for our news.  This way we can let everyone keep track of everything we have going on.  There’s so much going on in our 7th heaven world, that it makes it easier to have this type of section for our news.  This way if you miss something, you can just scroll down and catch up.  This section will be updated by all the band and crew members.