7th heaven releases “Spectrum” CD

7th heaven releases “Spectrum” CD
7th heaven Spectrum

7th heaven released “Spectrum”.  A 20 song feel-good CD of various Pop/Rock songs, with elements of Alternative, Dance, Country and Hip-Hip sprinkled throughout.

This CD will transcend generations with the ability to touch numerous emotions and connecting lyrics.


I personally feel this is the best CD we have made as a band.  It really showcases the talents of all 5 band members and their contribution to the final product will definitely be heard.  I am very pleased with the songs on this CD and I personally ask that each and every one of you give it a spin.  If you like the CD, I ask that you tell others about it.  In a world where we have so much negative influence everywhere, I am proud that this CD is a positive influence and will hopefully touch a emotion, as it did to myself working on it.  I want to thank my band members for putting in a great effort towards this CD, especially Keith.  I also want to give a shout-out to our original singer, Tony DiGiulio, for helping with writing some of the songs with us.

Enjoy this great CD – Richard Hofherr/7th heaven


Established in Pop-Rock, 7th heaven is from a 5-member Chicago act.

7th heaven plays over 250 shows a year, has sold tens of thousands of CDs,

has a Worldwide fan base and plays to over one million people each year.


In 2011, 7th heaven charted three products on the Billboard Charts,

and went #1 in the Chicago Region for four straight weeks.


In 2012, 7th heaven charted again on the Billboard Charts,

and went #1 in the Chicago Region for seven straight weeks.


7th heaven has been able to develop their own unique brand of rock music that

proves that the fundamentals of great pop rock song still ring true

with their new release “Spectrum”


Track Listing:

1. Stoplight
2. It’s You
3. Dance In The Rain
4. In The City
5. Living In Danger
6. Once In A Lifetime
7. We Live Life Young
8. Magic
9. Are We Up
10. When You Say My Name
11. Walk Another Mile
12. Join The Party
13. I’m Your Addict
14. Livin Life
15. Holding My Breath For You
16. Last Chance
17. Illusion
18. Until The Day I Die
19. Heads Or Tails
20. Jump Start


Keith Semple – Lead Vocals

Richard Hofherr – Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals

Nick Cox – Guitar, Piano, Vocals

Mark Kennetz – Bass, Vocals

Michael Mooshey – Drums


Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by: Richard Hofherr


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