New WordPress newspage for 7th heaven

We are going to start a new WordPress page for our news.  This way we can let everyone keep track of everything we have going on.  There’s so much going on in our 7th heaven world, that it makes it easier to have this type of section for our news.  This way if you miss something, you can just scroll down and catch up.  This section will be updated by all the band and crew members.

8 thoughts on “New WordPress newspage for 7th heaven

  1. 7th heaven fans, feel free to use this word press page as another way to chat about what is going on in 7th heaven! The band and crew will be using it as well to keep you posted on new things happening… Hope we see you all on here soon!

    ~ Michael

  2. Looking forward to seeing all the great things going on with the new version of 7th Heaven. Any chances of seeing the hard rock 30 songs in 30 mins more often or even a new 30 songs in 30 minutes?

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